How do I choose the right pack frame size?
To choose the right size pack frame you must first determine your torso length. This can be easily done with a flexible tape measure and the help of a friend. First bend your neck forward to touch your chin to your chest. Then put your hands on your hips with your thumbs pointed towards your spine and rotate your hands until your thumbs meet in the middle. Keep your hands in position and ask your friend to measure along your spine from your thumbs to the prominent bump on the back of your neck (the C7 vertebrae). This measurement is your torso length. Simply compare this measurement to the sizing chart on the packs product page and you are all set.

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My torso length is in between sizes. What torso size should I choose?
We have found that, particularly with our stayed packs, for individuals who are in between torso sizes it is best to choose the smaller torso size. If you choose to go up to the larger size most times the shoulder straps do not wrap around the top of the shoulder, which can upset the balance of the pack, and the stay is too tall and will interfere with your head's natural range of motion. In our stayed packs, there is a 3" difference in the actual torso length from size to size. The actual torso length on the Aquilo and Kalais packs is: Small - 15", Medium - 18", Large - 21", X Large - 24". The Actual torso length on the Aduro SL pack is S/M - 17.5", M/L - 19.5".
Do your packs have adjustable torso sizing?
No. Our packs have fixed torso sizing. For customers with torso sizes outside our stock sizing chart we offer custom made products to fit your needs and specifications. Custom work is done with a small labor up-charge. Please contact customer service for details and more information.
How do I choose the right size hip belt?
For the ideal hip belt fit, you should have at least 1 inch of foam beyond the front edges of your hip bones. To choose the right size hip belt, measure from the front edge of your hip bone on one side of your pelvis, around your back to the front of the hip bone on the opposite side of your body. Then compare this measurement with the sizing chart on the pack's product page. We also provide an approximate range of waist sizes for each hip belt size to assist you in choosing the correct size hip belt.
What is the lumbar pad option and do I need it?
On the Aquilo and Kalais packs, we offer an optional lumbar pad. The lumbar pad is a piece of 1/4" thick closed cell foam inserted into the fabric panel that covers the center of the hip belt between the back pad and pack bottom. The pad is a built in option and is not field removable, though it can be factory installed or removed after a pack is built for a reasonable fee. The purpose of the lumbar pad is to add more padding and comfort to the lower back area of the pack. Whether or not it is a good choice for your new pack is a personal choice. However in our experience customers who are transitioning from more heavily padded traditional packs tend to prefer the lumbar pad; and customers who are used to lightweight and ultralight packs tend not to like the lumbar pad option.
How much weight does the Dyneema X fabric upgrade add to a pack?
How much weight is added to the pack depends on the amount of fabric used. On the Aquilo pack, you have the option to add Dyneema X in two areas: the external pockets, and the pack body. Generally upgrading to Dyneema X adds about 2.5 oz per area used. So if you choose to upgrade both the external pockets and pack body on an Aquilo pack you will increase the total pack weight by about 5 oz. The Kalais and Aduro SL packs follow this same general rule, but only offer the option to upgrade one area of the pack, so you can expect about a 2.5 oz weight increase on these packs.
What is the difference between the bottle pocket options on the Kalais pack?
On the Kalais pack, you have the option of choosing between two similar but different bottle pocket configurations: the standard mesh pocket with fixed elastic closure, and 300/400d rip stop nylon pocket body with one-hand-pull closure. The fixed elastic closure is built with a piece of elastic shock cord sewn into the side seams of the pack at both ends. This configuration works well for holding most items in the pockets under normal use conditions, when the pack is loaded near it's capacity. In the one-hand-pull configuration a longer piece of shock cord is sewn into the side seam at one end only. The other end of the shock cord exits the pocket through a small grommet hole and then goes through a cord lock that is attached to the pack body. This option gives the user the ability to adjust the closing tension of the packet on the fly, which is handy when the pack is under filled or when greater security is desired for items in the bottle pockets. The one-hand-pull option adds about 1.5 oz to the weight of the pack.
Are your products available in other materials and can I get additional customizations made to my pack besides those listed on the product pages?
We try to offer the best materials available for our products and to offer a wide selection of standard customization options to suit just about everyone. If you are interested in having one of our products made with a different material or with other non-standard customizations, please contact customer service and we will be happy to discuss the options and pricing with you. All sales are final on any custom work outside the standard options offered through the website. As such, any product made with non-standard customizations may not be returned or exchanged under the terms of our return policy. Please be sure you are buying the correct size and are 100% sure of your choices before ordering.
How do I adjust the fit of my Elemental Horizons pack?
To adjust the fit of your pack, start with the pack empty. Before putting the pack on, loosen all the straps almost as much as possible. For the Kalais and Aquilo packs, make sure all four of the hip belt adjustment straps are roughly equal length.

1. Put the pack on, and buckle the hip belt. Do not tighten any straps at this time.

2. Start by pulling all 4 hip belt adjustment straps until all the slack is removed. Then tighten the upper pair of hip belt adjustment straps until the belt is snug. Finally adjust the lower pair. Make sure the Iliac crest is vertically centered in the hip belt. By tightening the upper set of straps first, the hip belt will cant to conform to the natural curves of the body. The hip belt should be comfortably tight.

3. Next adjust the shoulder straps to be snug but not tight. The shoulder straps primary function is to keep the pack balanced so it does not swing wildly from side to side as you walk.

4. Next attach the sternum strap and snug it up. Make sure there is still a loop on the non-adjustable side so that your breathing is not restricted. The sternum strap is designed only to prevent the shoulder straps from sliding to the outside of your shoulders, so it should never be under a great deal of tension.

5. Finally tighten the load lifter straps to bring the pack into the body.
How do I remove and re-install the stay from my Kalais or Aquilo pack?
To access and remove the stay in your Kalais or Aquilo pack, begin by opening the roll top closure to access the inside of the pack. Then release the Velcro closure on the gray sleeping pad pocket flap and open the pocket. You should now see the stay inside the pad pocket. Release the Velcro on the stay holder flap and slide the stay up and out of the pack.

To re-install the stay in your Kalais or Aquilo pack, begin by following the above steps to access the inside of the pack and stay system. Release and open the stay holder flap and slide the stay tips into the two webbing sleeves near the top of the pack, pushing the stay down into the sleeping pad pocket. When the stay nears the bottom of the pack, reach down inside the sleeping pad pocket with one hand. You will feel a pair webbing pockets about 2" apart at the bottom center of the pack. Insert the stay tips into these pockets and push the stay the rest of the way down until the stay is firmly seated. Finally close the Velcro stay holder flap over the cross bar at the top of the stay and close the sleeping pad pocket. Your pack is ready to hit the trail.
Do you ship to other countries?
Yes. We ship to a variety of countries all around the world. For International orders we offer USPS Priority mail International, which we have found to be the most economic and efficient shipping method for international orders. For a complete list of countries you may begin the order process or contact us and we will be happy to assist you. International customers who would like a different shipping method may contact customer service and we will be happy to discuss other options with you.