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Stop worrying about your gear getting wet when the weather turns bad.  Protect it with Elemental Horizons Pack Liner Bags.  Made of ultra-tough 3mil PET plastic these bags are much more durable than similar liner bags and their extra tall height provides superior protection from the elements.  In addition to their great gear protection these bags can also be used in your sleep system as a vapor barrier.

How it works:

Line the inside of your pack with the liner bag.  Load your gear inside just like usual, only leave out all those heavy stuff sacks you normally rely on for water proofing.  Now squeeze out as much air as possible, then tightly twist the opening of the liner bag closed.  Next take the twisted neck of the liner and push it down inside the pack between the outside of the liner bag and the pack body so that the opening faces down.  This is the key!  As long as the opening faces down the water will simply run off the bag and all your gear will stay nice and dry even in the worst weather.

Color: Black

Sold as pair

Ultra-tough 3 mil PET construction
Extra tall for more secure closure and superior protection from the elements
Use as sleep system vapor barrier
Made in the USA
Dimensions W x H (in cm)
33 x 45 / 83.8 x 1145.3
Weight (oz /g)
5 / 141.7


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