Choosing the right size pack

Step 1: Torso size

Choosing the right torso size  can be easily done with a flexible tape measure and the help of a friend.  Here's what to do:

  1. Bend your neck forward and locate the prominent vertebrae on the back of your neck.  This is the C7 vertebrae.
  2. Locate the large bony protrusions on the side of your body formed by the sides of your pelvis.  These are your Iliac crests.  Adjust the waist band of your pants so the top of the waist band is level with the tops of your Iliac crests.
  3. With your head in its natural upright position, have a friend measure from the top of your waist band to the C7 vertebrae.

This measurement is your torso length.  Simply compare this measurement with the sizing charts below to choose the correct frame size for your new pack.

* Note: If you're between sizes it is best to choose the smaller frame size.  Have questions? Contact us. We'll be happy to help. 

Torso size measurement

Step 2: Hip belt size

The easiest way to choose the right hip belt size is to compare the waist size of your favorite blue jeans to the waist size in the fit chart below.  For the ideal hip belt fit your waist size should be within the range for the belt size you are choosing (ex: I have a 33" waist, so I wear the medium hip belt.) For those who have waist sizes that do not fall neatly within the fit range of a particular size, you should have at least 2" of foam beyond the front edges of your pelvis.  To check if you have chosen the right size hip belt, measure from the front edge of your pelvis on one side of your body, around your back to the front edge of your pelvis on the other side of your body.  Add 4" to this measurement, then compare this measurement with the padding length in the charts below.  The padding length should be at least your total measurement.