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El•e•men•tal: adj. 2of, relating to, or resembling a great force of nature
rizon: n. Astronomy.c. The limit of the theoretically possible universe. 3. The range of one's knowledge, experience, or interest.

Throughout history the horizon and the elemental forces of our world have been a constant source of fear, mystery and uncertainty.  For hundreds of years many mariners believed the horizon marked the end of the Earth, and that if they reached it, they would be lost forever.  However, this myth was dispelled due to the imagination, ingenuity, and courage of a few brave individuals who were willing to risk everything in the pursuit of a dream. 

Likewise, for centuries humans have feared, worshipped, and attempted to tame the elemental forces of our planet.  These fears and uncertainties created in humans a strong and innate desire to understand and overcome the unknowns which surround us in every aspect of our lives. It is this innate and unquenchable desire which has driven the explorers of our world throughout history to continually overcome elemental adversity in the quest to unlock the mysteries hidden beyond the horizon.

At Elemental Horizons we believe the horizon represents the ultimate goal of exploration.  It is the objective that all explorers strive to achieve through their dreams, determination, perseverance, courage, and ingenuity.  It is this belief that we strive to uphold each and every day in the ideas we develop, the skills we hone, and the products we produce.  It is our mission to provide the explorers of today with the skills, equipment, and support to explore the horizon and all things beyond.

Matthew Lagas-Rivera

Elemental Horizons Inc.

jmt08.jpgMatthew Lagas-Rivera - Founder/President

I have  been traveling in and enjoying back country areas for over 25 years. I have traveled and explored remote areas throughout the continental United States and Alaska, British Columbia Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Throughout my career I have worked in a wide variety of jobs in the outdoor industry including guide and trip leader, challenge course facilitator, National Outdoor Leadership School sea kayak instructor, bicycle mechanic, rock climbing competition planner, expedition leader, and retail store manager. I am an avid water sports enthusiast, backpacker, and bicyclist enjoying sea kayaking, surfing, canoeing on flat and white water rivers, snorkeling, road bicycle touring, and I use my bicycle as my sole means of transportation. I also enjoy fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and sharing my love of the outdoors with my wife and son.

Throughout my outdoor career I have been passionate about the equipment I use; some might even call me a "gear-head".  I designed my first piece of gear in 1998 and from that point on I have been in a constant state of spin cycle, coming up with new ideas, looking for ways to improve function, add features, shave weight, improve the over-all quality, and on and on.  Gear is my passion, and designing and producing the best gear I can is my ultimate goal.