Remove the stay

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  1. To remove the V-stay from your Kalais or Aquilo pack, you have to remove the hip belt and shoulder strap yoke.  Begin by unthreading the load lifters, lower shoulder strap and hip belt stabilizer webbing straps from the corresponding buckles.
  2. Start at the bottom of the pack.  Grab the bottom of the lumbar pad (curved sided pad in the center of the hip belt that is attached to the back pad) with one hand and the pack body with the other and pull the two away from each other releasing the Velcro flap holding the lumbar pad in place.   This will expose the hip belt and bottom of the stay.  
  3. Unthread the 1" webbing strap that runs vertically up the center of the pack behind the back pad.  (Note: When re-installing this strap be sure to double back the webbing through the buckle to maximize holding power.)
  4. Release the Velcro strip holding the hip belt to the pack body and slide the belt down ward and off the stray tips. 
  5. Slide your hand upwards towards the top of the pack behind the back pad until you reach the shoulder strap yoke.  Release the Velcro on both sides of the yoke, grab the stay and yoke and pull the whole assembly down and out of the pack.  
  6. The stay runs through a set of pockets on the yoke.  When re-installing the stay/yoke assembly, make sure the stay goes through the yoke pockets and is fully inserted into the pockets on the back of the hip belt.  Failure to do this will cause damage to the pack and will prevent the suspension system from working properly.  
  7. To re-install the stay/yoke assembly, reverse the above instructions, and adjust the torso length to the desired size as described above. 
      • Adjust the harness

        Hip belt, shoulder straps, load lifters, hip belt stabilizers, sternum strap.

      • Adjust the torso length

        Make the torso length longer or shorter.

      • Remove the Stay

        How to remove the stay from your pack.