Suspension technology

Kalais ultralight backpack Purple/Gray harness view

More fit options = Better fit

~4 torso sizes S, M, L, XL

~Each torso size has adjustable torso length

~Torso sizes fit torso lengths from 14" - 25" in 1" increments

~5 interchangeable hip belt sizes XS, S, M, L, XL

~Hip belts fit waists from 24" up

~4 interchangeable, contoured, size specific shoulder strap yokes

~2 Women's specific S, M

~2 Men's/Unisex M, L

V-Stay Suspension System-Elemental Horizons ultralight backpacks made in the USA better fit means better comfort.

Better support=Better comfort

~Contoured S-bent Aluminum "V" stay focuses the load onto the hip belt

~Hip belt, shoulder strap yoke, & load lifters connect directly to the frame stay for true load transfer

~Comfortable padded body contact areas

~Real world tested to comfortably carry 45 lbs.