The Difference

In 2007 Elemental Horizons was founded as a custom build pack company.  Over the years our products have evolved into their current forms through experience and thanks to feedback from our customers. While our products have evolved into more standard offerings, we have continued to value and prioritize the custom build philosophy the company was founded on. We build packs that offer the widest range of fit sizes, adjustability, and personalization available in the pack market today. We use only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship in our products and every Elemental Horizons product is proudly made in the USA.

Design & development

Every Elemental Horizons product starts with a design concept driven by experience and a relentless drive for performance. We scrutinize every detail, meticulously select each component and eliminate everything that is not essential. Then we rigorously test and refine until each product meets our exceptionally high performance standards.

Each of our products is built with the best possible materials and features to promote performance, customization, and light weight above all other criteria. We believe the best piece of gear is one that functions so well you forget it is even there.

  • Performance

    Our products are built to be the pinnacle of comfort and performance, so you can focus on the experience rather than your gear. 

  • Customization

    We provide the widest range of sizes, interchangeable components, and modular accessories to allow the user to dial in fit and features exactly to their needs.

  • Light weight

    Purpose built products with all the features you need and nothing else.

Kalais ultralight backpack Purple/Gray harness view

More fit options = Better fit

~4 torso sizes S, M, L, XL

~Each torso size has adjustable torso length

~Torso sizes fit torso lengths from 14" - 25" in 1" increments

~5 interchangeable hip belt sizes XS, S, M, L, XL

~Hip belts fit waists from 24" up

~4 interchangeable, contoured, size specific shoulder strap yokes

~2 Women's specific sizes S, M

~2 Men's/Unisex sizes M, L

V-Stay Suspension System-Elemental Horizons ultralight backpacks made in the USA better fit means better comfort.

Better support = Better comfort

~Contoured S-bent Aluminum "V" stay focuses the load onto the hip belt

~Hip belt, shoulder strap yoke, and load lifters connect directly to the frame stay for true load transfer

~Comfortable padded body contact areas

~Real world tested to comfortably carry 45 lbs.

X Pac® VX21

VX21 is 100% climate neutral, made in the USA, and is incredibly durable.  This low stretch, waterproof fabric is made with a four-layer construction consisting of a 210-denier nylon face fabric, 0.25 mil polyester film, black polyester X-Ply at 22°, and a 50 denier polyester taffeta backing.  These layers combine to make VX21 the ideal balance of weight, durability and water resistance.

300x400d Diamond Ripstop Nylon fabric

300 x 400d Diamond Ripstop Nylon

This lightweight ripstop nylon fabric is durable, UV resistant, and features a DWR and Polyurethane coating for good water resistance.

210d Dyneema X Ripstop Nylon fabric with UHMWPE fibers

210d Dyneema X

Made with UHMWPE Dyneema® fibers forming the white ripstop grid, this fabric offers unmatched tear resistance without adding weight to your pack.