Replacement Hip Belt

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Replacement hip belt for Aquilo and Kalais packs.  Please note that packs and hip belts are not cross compatible.  Please choose the belt that matches the date you purchased your pack.  Example: If you purchased your pack before May 2017 you can only use the Pre-2017 hip belts.  Like wise if you have a pack made from May 2017 or later you can only use the dual density belt.  Please contact customer service if you have any questions.



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Awesome Belt
Written by Kevin on 15th Jul 2016

I'd like to start off by saying this is the best fitting hip-belt I've ever tried on. I've owned many packs over the years and have tried on dozens of others. I'm a skinny guy with bony hips and have always struggled to find the right fit. I actually purchased this belt to pair with a pack from another shop. The belt from the other shop simply didn't fit right. Fortunately there was the option to swap belts and so began my quest. I'd done a lot of research and was pointed to EH from this blog on the "search for the perfect pack". He mentions the EH hip belt and I decided to check it out. The reviewer above had a similar experience to me and piqued my interest. I emailed Matt and asked if he could do a few minor modifications to his belt so they'd fit my pack. He called me back the following day and we determined that it was doable. Mathew has a reputation for having great customer service and after our phone call, I can now say the same. He was super easy to work with and got the belt shipped out within a couple days. It arrived two days ago and I couldn't be happier with the fit! If you're on the market for a new belt, I'd highly recommend giving this one a try. Thanks again Mathew! Kevin

Perfect Hip Belt!
Written by Shawn on 17th Sep 2015

This is an amazing hip belt! I am a 5'6 woman with a 30.5" waist (at the top of the hip bones). I used a M hip belt. I returned the hip belt that came with my pack from a different company and replaced it with this one. The comfort was unmatched. I just took it for a 3 day trip on the Foothills Trail and it was by far the most comfortable belt I have ever used. There was no rubbing and with the 4 point system it conformed perfectly to my body. There was just enough padding without being bulky. I only used one small hip belt pocket but wished I would have gone ahead and brought my other one. (one for my bar and lip balm and the other for my phone/camera and map). If you need a replacement belt, you will not go wrong with Elemental Horizons' Hip Belt and accessory pockets!

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