What goes into making an Elemental Horizons Pack?

 Each Elemental Horizons pack starts with a design concept, driven by experience and time testing products in the field; picking them apart, looking for weaknesses and areas for improvement.  We scrutinize over every detail, from the type and color of the fabric, to the size and number of buckles.  We meticulously select each and every component and eliminate everything that is not essential.  From here concepts are turned into prototypes which are further refined until finally the product is ready for production.  But, the process does not stop there.  We continue the refinement process as new materials become available and as construction techniques evolve, continually striving for the ultimate balance of features, function, and aesthetics to provide the pinnacle of performance to our customers.  

When we construct a pack, we build it to the highest possible quality standards.  Every main seam is double stitched then a layer of cloth finish tape is applied adding a third stitch line.  Finally, all high stress areas, like compression straps, are bar-tacked for ultra strength and durability.  We quality control at every step in the assembly process, catching and eliminating flaws as soon as possible to ensure every product we produce will perform for you in the field when you need it.

Because of the rigorous process of design, development, and construction that goes into every Elemental Horizons product we stand behind each product 100% and offer our customers a comprehensive warranty.  After all, we understand that in the wilderness sometimes “stuff happens”.

At Elemental Horizons our products are made with an excellent mix of light weight and durability and we stand behind them 100%.  All Elemental Horizons products are warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship. If any of our products happen to fail due to manufacturing defects, Elemental Horizons will repair or replace the product free of charge at our discretion. If repairs are needed due to improper use, accidental damage, or general wear and tear, the product owner will be charged for labor and materials.

All packs returned for warranty issues MUST be cleaned prior to return.

Please keep in mind that Elemental Horizons products are constructed of lightweight and ultralight materials and as such require a certain amount of care and responsibility by the owner.  Our products will last a lifetime when treated with an understanding of the trade-offs inherent in using lighter weight materials.

If you have any questions please contact our customer service department.